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What is Legal Operations?

Specific definitions and methodology vary, but legal operations is generally about efficiency and effectiveness: how can a Legal Department best deploy its lawyers and legal resources to advance the organization’s goals, safeguard it from risk and protect the bottom line? 

The Roadmap for Legal Operations is a customized training course hosted by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy and provides strategic guidance to implementing tech-assisted legal operations, particularly in relation to document automation, data management and AI-assisted tools. This course is dedicated to legal teams (of all sizes) & legal department stakeholders (business, IT and process leaders). Register below to take part and scroll for a detailed agenda of the training.

On January 25, 2024 we'll be hosting a special edition of the Roadmap for Legal Operations training course to share lessons learnt in 2023 and help plan ahead for 2024. The registration fee is EUR 200 / participant (+VAT). Sign up to join the live session! 

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Roadmap for Legal Operations


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What can Legal Operations do for me? Legal operations can help in-house counsel control cost, improve their performance and communication with business units. While every Legal Department is different (and some teams, budgets and regulatory pressures are bigger than others), every organization can see real value from implementing legal operations initiatives.

Agenda for the LegalOps Roadmap Course

The course  enables a complex learning experience:

Part A provides strategic guidance and execution best practice tips for 10 key areas of legal operations:

1. Workflow Management (Legal Intake)
2. Legal Team Management 
3. External Resource Management
4. Financial Management 
5. Data Analytics 
6. Knowledge Management
7. Technology Tools 
8. Communications with Business Units
9. Day-to-Day Legal Work Streams 
10. In-house Strategic Planning

Part B provides hands-on practical demonstration regarding:

1. Document automation
2. Data management 
3. AI-assisted solutions

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