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Take control of your contracts - may be easier said than done, unless your team is equipped with the adequate all-in-one solution to:

  • Keep track of your contracts and manage all your obligations in a single, sustainable and safe repository;
  • Get e-signatures (from any leading esign service) regardless of time and place;
  • Receive automatic reminders of contractual events to avoid unwanted surprises during your contracts’ lifecycle;
  • Design and automate data flow by integrating with your existing document management systems;
  • Keep data secure and private on all levels, from meeting strict regulatory requirements to software architecture and physical security; and
  • Interact with your contracts using ChatGPT to analyze, summarize or translate your contracts and discover important insights with the power of AI.

Contract Management, Workflow, eSign & AI integration is a training course hosted by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy in collaboration with our solution partner Zefort to provide corporate legal & business teams practical guidance to a smooth contract lifecycle. Scroll for a detailed agenda of the training. 

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Contract Management, Workflow, eSign & AI integration

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What document management techniques help streamline the end-to-end contract lifecycle?

There are various approaches to automating specific parts of the contract lifecycle - for example, dynamic legal drafting (document automation) is very relevant in the pre-signing stage. However, when it comes to managing the contract workflow, a supervised and integrated process is essential: from template generation to esigning, data extraction and analysis.

Agenda for the Course

To help legal and business teams implement a smooth digital contract management process, the course provides strategic guidance and execution best practice tips on how to:

  1. Create a single, sustainable and secure archive for all contracts and related documents (including emails);
  2. Automate reminders for important contractual events;
  3. Implement AI processing to pick up contract metadata and index the uploaded documents;
  4. Integrate your e-sign solution of choice;
  5. Manage access control to document binders and visual browsing; and
  6. Harness the power of ChatGPT to analyze, summarize or translate your contracts.

With the practical information gained at the training course, legal and business leaders get hands-on support for taking digital contracting to the next level – by improving internal collaboration, implementing efficiencies, and taking better control of contract-related risks.

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