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What are Clause Libraries? Also known as a “clause bank” or “precedent library”, clause libraries are repositories filled with standardized template clauses that have been pre-constructed and pre-approved, and ideally give legal experts a one-stop shop for their drafting needs.

Clause Libraries & Dynamic Legal Drafting is a training course hosted by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy and provides in-house lawyers practical guidance to making the most of tech-assisted legal drafting. Scroll for a detailed agenda of the training.

The latest live session of the course took place May 18, 2023. Sign up below to access the on-demand recordings or join the upcoming live event! 

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Clause Libraries & Dynamic Legal Drafting

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What can Clause Libraries do for me? There are many different approaches to setting up a clause library, and we will be looking at several of them in this training course, but they all have the same benefit in mind: making standardized content available in an easily retrievable way and then assisting legal experts to use that content in a way that makes optimal use of their time.

Agenda for the Dynamic Legal Drafting Course

While lawyers typically spend a lot of time and effort creating documents, they can easily miss capturing the knowledge within documents for future projects in order to boost the internal work flows of their organization. The traditional (low-tech) approach to legal drafting often leads to a constant reinventing of the wheel: legal experts individually would reiterate work they have done previously while new team members may be required to do drafting work that their seniors have already done before them.

Having identified the problems of the traditional legal drafting process, the course provides strategic guidance and execution best practice tips for the following 5 key areas of dynamic legal drafting:

  1. Benefits of a carefully curated clause library
  2. Tools that can be used to build clause libraries
  3. Accessing and structuring a clause library
  4. Document automation techniques
  5. The role of AI in building clause libraries

With the practical information gained at the training course, lawyers can get fully equipped to harness clause libraries to empower a new form of drafting – one focused on value-add, both for the benefit of the legal team and their clients.

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