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There’s one thankless task every year that in-house counsel dread: preparing an annual legal department budget. With a smart framework, however, compiling the budget can be more than tedium and guesswork – it can be a powerful and thoughtful process for shaping the department you want.

Legal Department Budgeting & Operations Planning is a training course hosted by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy in collaboration with Xakia Technologies and provides practical guidance to setting up and tracking legal budget throughout the year.

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Legal Department Budgeting & Operations Planning

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Xakia developed a 10-step process for creating an in-house legal budget, and has built a legal department budget template to help legal teams get started. While every department, organization and accounting system are different, this tool will provide legal teams of any size a solid first draft for internal discussions (and negotiations) with the finance department. Throw out your “last year plus five percent” thinking, and sign-up for this course to get started!

Agenda for the Course

Legal and business teams generally spend a lot of time and effort creating annual budgets. Throughout the year, legal teams spend even more time and effort tracking matter status and reporting to internal business clients. 

To help legal departments shift to a more efficient budgeting & operational framework, the course provides strategic guidance and execution best practice tips. With the right legal budget template, and some carefully guided steps, you can put your budget together for optimal resourcing and output, taking into account:

  • Your organizational strategic priorities
  • Your legal team’s long-term strategy
  • Your (sometimes unpredictable) outside counsel spend

And though you may prefer to end it there, legal department budgeting goes one further step – tracking your budget throughout the year.

Join Anne Post from Xakia and Orsolya Szabó from InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy as they guide you through eight steps to the creation of a legal department budget. No excel skills required. Clear, detailed budget achieved.

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