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Scaling and streamlining the digital contracting process is essential for any organization (in any industry) that deals with hundreds or thousands of contracts on a regular basis. Whether due to external reasons (e.g., change in the legal/regulatory environment) or internal reasons (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, etc.), a mass contracting or high-volume re-contracting project can be challenging for all stakeholders - especially if time is of the essence.

High-Volume Contracting & Digital Contract Management is a training course hosted by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy and provides corporate legal & business teams practical guidance to managing large scale contracting projects in limited time frames. Scroll for a detailed agenda of the training.

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High-Volume Contracting & Digital Contract Management

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What type of automation techniques will help with high-volume contracting projects?

There are various approaches to automating specific parts of the contract life cycle - for example, dynamic legal drafting (document automation) is very relevant in the pre-signing stage. However, when it comes to end-to-end management of large scale digital contracts, supervised automation is helpful throughout the process: from template generation to negotiation and execution monitoring with the recipients, and digital archiving integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

Agenda for the Course

Legal and business teams generally spend a lot of time and effort creating contract drafts. Internal approval and execution by authorized signatories come next, while negotiation and/or execution by hundreds or thousands of counterparties (employees, contractors, business partners, etc.) can further delay the process timeline.

To help organizations shift to a more efficient high-volume digital contracting process, the course provides strategic guidance and execution best practice tips for the following:

  1. Contract types and minimum volumes worth automating
  2. Batch-sending of pre-approved templates  
  3. Automating contract data input (e.g., recipient data) 
  4. Monitoring and reporting of contract status 
  5. Digital archiving and integration with existing IT infrastructure

With the practical information gained at the training course, legal and business leaders get support for optimizing high-volume contracting processes – by improving internal collaboration, implementing efficiencies, and taking better control of contract-related risks.

Case Study Implementing end-to-end digital contracting

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