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Repetitive and manual document creation is burdensome, inefficient, error prone and time-consuming. Learning to use document automation is a powerful way to:

  • scale legal work by minimizing manual work processes;
  • do more with the existing resources by minimizing repetitive tasks and optimizing current task processes;
  • stay compliant with company best practices; and
  • create and manage a clause library which allows storage of commonly used text that can easily be dropped into generated documents.

Document Automation: Back-end Toolkit for Legal Teams is a training course hosted by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy in collaboration with M-Files Ment and provides practical guidance to document automation techniques and creating document portals for corporate clients.

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Document Automation: Back-End Toolkit for Legal  Teams

Training course for Legal Team, Legal Operations Leaders & Legal Engineers

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Agenda for the Course

Avoidable errors in legal documents can cost an organization millions of dollars in direct financial loss as well as loss of reputation. In addition, time invested in “re-inventing the wheel” with new document generation wastes hours, damages employee morale, and results in losses in productivity.

This training course is an opportunity to learn how to scale document generation with a 100% no-code approach and develop your legal team's document portal to:

  • Generate new documents in minutes
  • Insert drafting instructions & corporate best practices in templates
  • Create playbooks for each clause
  • Enable self-serve documents, e.g. contracts (and ensure less reliance on legal department support)
  • Free up legal team capacity for more complex and strategic work 

In this two-hour interactive training session, we will focus on:

  1. automation techniques to generate complex data-driven documents quickly and consistently;
  2. empowering legal teams to digitize and scale support to business operations; and
  3. mapping out document automation for internal use and for client-facing services. 

Join Kaisa Kromhof and Milja Makkonen from M-Files Ment and Orsolya Szabó from InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy as they guide you through the no-code document automation process that matches your organization’s working culture and document generation needs.

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