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LegalTech Mastermind Day is a knowledge sharing marathon dedicated to legal teams (of all sizes) progressing on their digital transformation journey. For this annual event organized by InvestCEE LegalTech Consultancy, we bring together our select legal technology vendor partners to showcase the unique platform features they offer to law firms and in-house legal departments. 

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LegalTech Mastermind Day

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The 2023 demo marathon will feature seven consecutive live sessions and Q&As with our select LegalTech Vendor Partners:  

  • matter management for in-house legal teams: Xakia Technologies
  • document automation and contract design: Ment
  • zero effort contract management: Zefort
  • dynamic legal drafting, clause-based document building: ClauseBase
  • AI-assisted data search & analytics: Nalytics
  • matter management for law firms of all sizes: Matters.Cloud
  • digital contracting: Dealsign

NOTE: By joining the online workspace dedicated to LegalTech Mastermind Day (shared with registered participants prior to the event), participants acknowledge that the demo sessions will be recorded and have the option to consent by continuing to attend, or to leave the meeting to avoid being recorded.

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