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How will you benefit from our tools & services?

As the pressure increases to understand what exactly AI can mean for legal & business teams, we offer inhouse lawyers & law firms of all sizes the following:


AI Training Program: we introduce AI technology to legal teams and teach them the exact skills they need for tech-assisted legal services. To get started, legal teams can choose:

  • A short introductory course (half day or one day) to learn the basics of AI, including how it works and how it transforms the way we live and work;

  • A 3-day course that gives participants insights into how AI is or could be deployed in their organization and their department in making the most of it; or 

  • A customized course that will take the team on a deep dive into how to manage and improve AI and ML solutions to tackle their specific legal & business needs.


AI Toolkit: many of our technology partners offer solutions that either provide AI-assisted platforms and/or integrate generative AI tools into their offering. Register to get to know our AI Toolkit and how these solutions can benefit your team and organization!   


AI Consulting: we help (1) identify use cases for translating AI’s potential into meaningful legal work, (2) design a project plan and make sure your project stays on scope and on budget, and (3) provide independent expert opinion on the health of your AI projects, scheduled or ongoing AI audits. We are happy to share the expertise gathered in our ecosystem!


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